Cardinal Park

Support from the UofL Foundation made possible the construction of Cardinal Park, one of the Commonwealth’s largest sports complexes. Since its creation, Cardinal Park has pushed UofL to the forefront of athletic facilities.

Cardinal Park offers UofL an unprecedented opportunity to attract qualified athletes and students to its campus, establish an extensive women’s sports program, expand its distinguished tradition of nurturing athletic talent and contribute to the community.

Cardinal Park facilities comprise the Track and Soccer, Ulmer and Trager Stadiums. Amenities include locker rooms, a fully equipped training room, and a climate controlled press box. Meanwhile, members of the community enjoy playing volleyball and basketball on Kiel Courts, while children play on the Don Fightmaster Playground for Exceptional Children, a 10,000-square-foot, fully accessible playground. The Jewish Hospital Cardio Path, which encircles the complex, provides an area of exercise for walkers and runners alike.

“Cardinal Park is the single most important athletic facility we’ve built. It has brought us to the cutting edge of women’s sports, and has allowed us to work toward our goal of gender equality in athletics. It serves as a ‘front porch’ for the University and there’s no doubt it’s an excellent recruitment tool. This state of the art prime asset of the campus was realized thanks to the loan provided by the Foundation.”

— Tom Jurich, Vice President of Athletics