Humana Gym

image_previewIn 2012, the UofL Foundation and UofL Athletic Association contributed $1.3 million to the renovation of the old Humana Gym. The facility now houses 69 pieces of cardio equipment, a Power Plate, bikes, elliptical machines, kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance bands and more.

The gym also boasts large locker rooms, classroom and meeting facilities, and Get Healthy Now’s offices. Fitness facilities for staff and faculty used to be in the Crawford Gym’s basement, but with the generous donation from  the Foundation and Athletics, faculty and staff members now have state-of-the-art workout equipment and ample space for wellness classes. 

Since it opened in April, the faculty/staff health and fitness facility near Belknap Campus already had drawn almost 2,000 members, including about 1,300 employees and spouses, according to Patricia Benson, director Get Healthy Now. Other members include about 450 students, as well as vendors and community members.