James Graham Brown Cancer Center

James Graham Brown Cancer Center

The James Graham Brown Cancer Center is a key component of the University of Louisville’s Health Sciences Center. The Cancer Center encourages collaboration between oncology physicians and cancer researchers and emphasizes bringing the latest research from the lab to the bedside of its patients. This emphasis reflects treatment plans for patients fueled by a commitment to translational research. Patients at the center are often among the first in the world with access to new therapies through leading-edge clinical trials. Patients benefit from a team approach to patient care, where multidisciplinary teams of specialized physicians, nurses and other care providers work together to treat each patient according to a unique, customized plan.

Recently, the UofL Foundation approved a $4 million grant and $3.5 million low interest loan to renovate the Cancer Center, paving the way for the center to expand its ability to generate new insights into the nature of cancer, create new and more effective approaches to prevention, diagnosis and therapy, and deliver medical advances with compassion and respect to it patients.

Significant accomplishments of the James Graham Brown Cancer Center include:

  • First description of VSELs (Very Small Embryonic-like Stem Cells)
  • First development of a tobacco-based cancer vaccine
  • First clinical use of G-rich Oligonucleotide aptamer therapy for cancer
  • First atomic-level study of lung cancer metabolism in human patients
  • First use of the cardiac drug, digoxin as a means to enhance the effects of chemotherapy in lung cancer
  • First use of Beta-glucan as an immunostimulant for human cancer therapy
  • First discovery of novel, targeted drugs that inhibit cancer cell metabolism
  • First use of colored berries to prevent cancer in high risk individuals

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