Henry Vogt Scholarship Program

The Henry Vogt Scholarship Program was created in 2012 to help recruit Kentucky’s best and brightest students to UofL.  By offering incentive for Kentucky’s best students to attend UofL, the Henry Vogt Scholarship Program (formerly known as the Hallmark Scholars Program) is improving the caliber of UofL’s undergraduate academic program while increasing the chances these students will remain in Kentucky upon graduation.

Henry Vogt Scholars come from every corner of the Commonwealth and represent the most talented high school seniors in the state. These students have a minimum high school GPA of 3.75 (on a 4.0 scale) and score a minimum of 30 on the ACT or 1320 on the SAT. Their areas of study vary widely, from engineering to fine arts and business to chemistry. The program rewards these students for their academic excellence by offering them generous scholarship packages.

The presence of these scholars at UofL has established an outstanding record of accomplishment by encouraging a higher standard of learning and instruction. The endeavors of these students have earned national attention resulting in significant internships, co-ops and research opportunities. The standard of achievement set by Henry Vogt Scholars attracts more outstanding students to the University and raises the value of a UofL degree.

Statistics show graduates tend to locate in communities in regions where they graduate from college. UofL is helping these students to establish academic roots that will produce active, contributing citizens for the future of the Kentucky.

Marky-Katherine Weber “The Henry Vogt Scholarship has opened me up to so many more opportunities than I would have had. I am so grateful for wonderful parents who pushed me to work hard and earn such a wonderful honor.” — Mary-Katherine Weber, Owensboro
Sara Gleason “As a first generation college student, the Henry Vogt Scholarship has given me opportunities to experience more than I could have imagined.” — Sara Gleason
Ben Henry “The Henry Vogt Scholarship has allowed me to actively pursue opportunities in both campus and community involvement in ways I never imagined when I came to UofL.” — Ben Henry
Selena DeRossett “The Henry Vogt Scholarship has allowed me to concentrate on my studies instead of having to work to pay for school. It has been a great blessing for me and for my parents.” — Selena DeRossett