The Students

alumni-residence2Approximately 79,000 University of Louisville alumni currently reside in the Commonwealth. That is about 61% of all graduates. Each and every one of them has a different story of their time at the University, and of how that story has impacted their lives.

As public financial support for higher education has declined and the cost continues to increase, the foundation is working to ensure the deficit in funding is met, and that young students can continue to become University of Louisville academics, athletes and citizens, creating their own unique UofL stories. This is why the Foundation encourages scholarship programs that serve both financial and enrichment purposes, as well as the various academic, athletic and career pursuits, including everything from Fulbright scholarships to state-of- the-art soccer facilities.

When UofL students compete for academic accolades, they finish near the top in the nation

For nearly a decade, UofL has excelled in producing some of the nation’s most prestigious scholars. In 2009, UofL graduate Monica Marks was named a Rhodes Scholar and in 2010 and 2011 the university placed among the nation’s top 20 institutions for producing winners of the prominent Fulbright award. Since 2003, UofL has had 75 Fulbright winners—more than all other colleges in Kentucky combined. These outstanding students typically study overseas and become important contributors to the academic community.

Smart investments pay off

U.S. News & World Report, The Princeton Review, Bloomberg Business Week, and Fortune Small Business Magazine consistently rank UofL’s College of Business among the nation’s finest business schools. The college also routinely places in the top 7 percent of business programs worldwide.

Innovation is the college’s forte. Faculty members at its Forcht Center for Entrepreneurship excel at giving students the skills, confidence and connections they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive business world. Many of the students earning master of business administration degrees stay in Kentucky to launch start-up companies, boosting the region’s economic growth.

The college’s Equine Industry Program is the only one of its kind in the United States. Among its graduates is Jack Sisterton, one of the trainers for 2012 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner I’ll Have Another.

Its Entrepreneurship MBA students regularly place at the top in prestigious business contests, earning international recognition and outperforming student teams from big-name schools. In 2011, one of its student teams, TNG Pharmaceuticals, won the global Venture Labs Investment Competition, earning more than $800,000 in prize money along the way.

Athletic advancement and infrastructure show continued progress

Student athletics have traditionally enriched academic journeys, and the Foundation has long been a fan. We proudly wear our red and black, and look forward to doing so next year in a brand-new soccer stadium, supported by the Foundation, that will be situated across from Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. this world-class soccer complex will not only serve to train, support and be home to the Cardinal soccer teams, but it will also attract Athletic Coast Conference championships and other large- scale events from around the region.

The University of Louisville Foundation seeks to bring new life and energy to the higher education we deliver to today’s students. We empower our academics to perform inside and out of the classroom by investing confidently in their education. It is one of many ways we chart a course for the future success of our students, the University, the community and the Foundation.